What to Fix First

Join Dr. Yurth as she guides you through the basics of health, and breaks down the facts into digestible information that you can use to build a healthy foundation. At the end of our QuickCourse you’ll leave not only knowing what to fix first but what your following steps should be to optimize your health.

Take your first step to Longevity by learning What to Fix First

Improve your health for optimal performance in your sports, life, job and overall healthspan.

You’ll learn how to replace what’s lost, restore the natural rhythms of life, and begin to regenerate at a cellular level.

At the end of this QuickCourse you’ll leave knowing what to fix first, and have an action plan to get there!

This QuickCourse includes 5 Modules, 20 Minutes each with a worksheet, sources and resources covering the foundational pillars of health including hormones, nutrition, circadian clock, and inflammaging.

You can find the Welcome packet below, which includes the syllabus.