Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (PPS) is an FDA-approved drug in the United States under the brand name ELMIRON. ELMIRON is an oral medication indicated for treating bladder pain and discomfort associated with interstitial cystitis.

As usual, the Boulder Longevity Institute gets ahead of the crowd by finding a way PPS can be used in the U.S. as a beneficial regenerative medication. While not effective orally outside of its use as a bladder pain relief drug, PPS can be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis when administered via injection.

BLI partners with a compounding pharmacy to get PPS to patients now. The drug, in phase III trials approved by the FDA, will go to market in the coming years as Zilosul. 

As we know, arthritis is an inflammatory process at its core. Sure, the inflammation can be instigated by injury but we can say with confidence that addressing the inappropriate inflammatory response as quickly as possible leads to markedly better outcomes.

PPS works to address the entire inflammatory process in ways that typical treatments for arthritis pain – anti-inflammatories, steroids, joint replacements – do not. Pentosan works through various mechanisms like pain control, halting the progression of degeneration, and encouraging an environment for regeneration. 

Once a better environment for regeneration has been completed, stem cells or platelet cells can be introduced into a space where they can thrive. 

So how long does it take to work? Well, Dr. Yurth of Boulder Longevity Institute believes it depends on the extent of arthritis. Studies show pain control in 6-8 weeks with one to two injections per week. However, this is not the case for every user.

The more damage, or the further along the arthritic process, the longer PPS takes to fully engage in the work of improvement. With that said, there are those who see quick pain relief that is typically experiencing the impact PPS has on the inflammatory process.

While a relatively new use for pentosan, BLI has been using it long enough to note that 80 – 90 percent of clients see improvement over time. Patience is key, as it can take six months or so to really see regenerative impacts in the more damaged knee. 

Dr. Yurth has seen the value of pentosan firsthand, as she has been taking it for years and notes marked improvement in her chronic knee issues. Whether for chronic arthritic knees or an acute injury, pentosan is a game changer in the fight against damage brought by inflammation.

Depending on your clinical presentation, you may have to be patient. However, in the end, the benefits of pentosan polysulfate sodium are well worth the wait.

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