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Peptides 101

What is a peptide? What do peptides do? How do you safely use peptides? And where do you get them? These are questions we get asked almost every day, and finally we’ve got all your answers in one, summarized QuickCourse!

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Labs 101

Join Dr. Yurth as she shares the important numbers hidden in your labwork and how to read, review and understand your own labs. Many of the standard reference ranges monitored in basic bloodwork, like a CBC or CMP, are not the values that equate to truly optimized health. In this QuickCourse, Dr. Yurth reviews key biomarkers in foundational lab panels and provides the reference ranges she looks for in assessing health and longevity.

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Treating Joint & Back Pain: Beyond the Dark Ages

With her combined expertise in orthopedics and functional medicine, Dr. Yurth shares regenerative and cellular treatment options aimed at helping to address the root cause of your pain and how to not only alleviate issues, but actually regenerate and heal. In this QuickCourse, you’ll learn the latest science on what’s causing your joint & back pain and how to treat (not simply patch, replace, or fuse) it.

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Healthspan Hacks

Join cellular medicine expert Elizabeth Yurth, MD and ultra-endurance athlete turned performance coach, Lisa Tamati, for an educational interview series on how to “hack your healthspan.” In this webinar series turned QuickCourse, you can join in for an intimate, fireside chat with two of the world’s experts in anti-aging, longevity and living your optimal life. Together, Dr. Yurth and Lisa weave together the importance of the intangibles like mindset, learning, and community with the hard science of longevity to give you a framework for How Not To Die.

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Getting Strong to Save Your Life

Join cellular medicine expert Elizabeth Yurth, MD and Domination Dietitian Lacy Puttuck, RDN for this 3-part educational series on how to get strong to save your life! In this QuickCourse, you will learn from experts about the importance of hormones, nutrition and muscle building for peak performance, injury recovery and optimal healthspan!

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What to Fix First

Join Dr. Yurth as she guides you through the basics of health, and breaks down the facts into digestible information that you can use to build a healthy foundation. At the end of our QuickCourse you’ll leave not only knowing what to fix first but what your following steps should be to optimize your health.

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Longevity Toolbox of Tomorrow

Proven, Research-Based Peptide Therapy Treatments Your Doctor Won’t Learn For Years This online course is a video series of recorded talks presented by: Elizabeth Yurth, MD, ABPMR, ABAARM, FAARM, FAARFM…

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