Labs 101: How to Read, Review & Understand Your Own Labs

Learn how to review and evaluate your own lab results in order to be your own health advocate and achieve optimal health.

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You can't change what you don't measure - but what numbers really matter when it comes to extending healthspan?

  • What are the most important biomarkers to measure for longevity?
  • Did you know that "normal" reference ranges your doctor looks at may not be normal for optimal health?
  • Learn the hidden meaning in your lab results that can lead to optimized well-being.
  • Understand tips and tricks for what actions you can take to address key health concerns based on lab work.
Join Dr. Yurth as she shares what to measure and what action to take when it comes to monitoring and optimizing your health for longevity.

Your “run-of-the-mill” lab panel may not have all the information you need – or worse, critical values and reference ranges may be missed or ignored.

Learn to be your own guide when it comes to monitoring and measuring your health and what biomarkers (at what values) really matter.

Take control of your own health by understanding what to measure and how to optimize.

Did you know that you can actually order your own labs? Well, now with our QuickCourse Labs 101, you can also review and evaluate your own results in order to be your own health advocate and achieve optimal health.

Join Dr. Yurth as she shares the important numbers hidden in your labwork and how to be your own doctor. Many of the standard reference ranges monitored in basic bloodwork, like a CBC or CMP, are not the values that equate to truly optimized health.

In 5 short modules, Dr. Yurth reviews key biomarkers in the baseline, standard lab panels and provides the reference ranges she looks for in assessing health and longevity.

  • Module 1: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Module 2: Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Module 3: Cholesterol/Lipids
  • Module 4: Thyroid Function
  • Module 5: Hormones

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Learn how to read, review and understand your own labs.

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