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4-22-21: Dr. Yurth’s Tomorrow’s Medicine Today Tips

Sarcopenia, Age Perceptions, and Sugar.  Dr. Yurth shares the latest research on the importance of muscle and strength training, how a positive outlook improves strength and longevity, and the impact…

1-10-21: Dr. Yurth’s Tomorrow’s Medicine Today Tips

Dr. Yurth shares fasting myths and tips! Learn what to do during a fast and during the refeeding period. Need a refresher on Autophagy?  Click here for an Autophagy Overview.

Trigger Autophagy Without Fasting – Dr. Elizabeth Yurth Talks Spermidine with Dave Asprey

Dr. Yurth is thrilled to be a guest on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey.  Dave Asprey is a three-time New York Times bestselling science author, host of the Webby award-winning podcast…

Why is Exercise so Vital to Health?

Exercise has long been linked to longevity, but it’s more critical than you might think.  Dr. Yurth explains the science behind exercise and why building muscle is the currency of life.

Recipe for Injury Rehab & Prevention

Enjoy this healthy recipe which features Collagen, a key ingredient if you’re concerned about inflammation.  Collagen helps in these areas: Support for the health of your joints, tendons and connective…

5 Keys to Longevity: The No B.S. Version

Here are 5 no frills, science-backed factors that lie at the root of your body’s core functions.  Take back control of your health with actionable “life hacks” and foundational knowledge…

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