The First Step to Longevity is Knowing What to Fix First

Improve your health for optimal performance in your sports, life, job and overall healthspan.

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Knowing where to begin your journey is hard...

  • Who's advice do you trust?
  • What do you prioritize?
  • Am I too young to worry about this now?
  • Is it too late to make a difference?
The list of questions goes on…

I’ve researched online and I’m making changes, but am I doing the right things?

I’m busy and don’t have time to make a big commitment.  What is simple and applies to me?

The amount of information out there is daunting, so where do I start?

I’ve been biohacking for years, but is there something that I’ve overlooked that can be a game changer?

But what if it didn't have to be this hard?

Better yet, what if you walked through this with Dr. Yurtha leading orthopedic, regenerative, and longevity expert – who explained each step with ease and clarity!

That’s exactly what this course offers – a guided framework which breaks down the facts into digestible information that you can actually put to use.

Learn the foundations of health and understand how to replace what’s lost, restore the natural rhythms of life, and begin to regenerate at a cellular level.

At the end of this QuickCourse you’ll leave knowing what to fix first, and have an action plan to get there!

  • How to prioritize and develop habits that will extend your healthspan
  • Move beyond common struggles to optimize your health
  • Hear what the latest research-based, cellular medicine is saying
  • Don't waste time on fads and unnecessary trial and error

What to Fix First QuickCourse

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Detailed Videos

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Stay on track with bonus material!

Instant access. Work at your own pace.

After purchasing the What to Fix First QuickCourse, you will have immediate access to  curriculum, content and progress tracking. You can move at your own pace. You will also gain instant access to worksheets and resources to supplement your course learning.

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What members are saying...

- D.S.

"2 words: FIRST CLASS. This is awesome. Thank you Dr. Yurth."

- D.S.
- H.W.

"Overall, I loved learning from Dr Yurth. The concept of “what to fix first” was extremely intuitive and I think the goal of simplifying health information to a few simple tips and tricks was met. Dr Yurth is so smart (and funny) and I cannot wait to hear more."

- H.W.
- B.G.

" I thought it addressed the overwhelm many of us feel when confronted with all the information (often conflicting) on health that is out there. I think the course does a nice job of distilling the information down to the most significant actionable items."

- B.G.
- E.P.

"The pace was good and the presentation was interesting - overall for me it was a big thumbs up! 👍"

- E.P.
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