5 Keys to Longevity: The No B.S. Version

Here are 5 no frills, science-backed factors that lie at the root of your body’s core functions.  Take back control of your health with actionable “life hacks” and foundational knowledge to help you age happy and add healthy, disease-free years to your life.

Here is a summary of the 5 Keys to Longevity, and Key #1 Peptides.  Join as a Beta member to see the full version!

Summary: 5 Keys to Longevity: The No B.S. Version

Key #1:  Peptides

Meet Donna, a tired 54 year old, who wants to feel good again

For the past few years, Donna is becoming more irritable due to her brain fog, lack of sleep, weight gain, and difficulty maintaining muscle mass.

Donna has a lot to deal with.  She is taking care of aging parents as well as her teenage and young adult children.  Plus trying to work.   If only she could have the energy that she had in her 30’s.

Donna’s stress level is high, even though she tries to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and watch her alcohol consumption.   Her friends suggest she should just start taking supplements that they read about online, and come to terms with the fact that she is getting older.

Listen to what Dr. Yurth would tell Donna, a healthy 50+ year old, to get her back to feeling better.