Longevity Toolbox of Tomorrow

Proven, Research-Based Peptide Therapy Treatments Your Doctor Won’t Learn For Years

This online course is a video series of recorded talks presented by:

Co-Founder & Medical Director, Boulder Longevity Institute

Dr. Yurth covers the latest research and protocols in the exciting new world of peptide therapies in a way that provides value to those that are brand new to peptides as well as those already engaged in these amazing treatments.

4-part lecture series.  Each learning video is 40-60 min:

Lecture 1 : How To Heal Like A 20 Year Old…After 40
Innovative Peptide Treatments For Age-Defying Healing & Recovery

Lecture 2 : Attaining Top Performance At Any Age
How To Use Peptides For Superhuman Performance Gains

Lecture 3 : Building Your Sharp, Durable Brain
How To Use Peptides for Cognitive Protection & Recovery

Bonus Lecture : New Tools In Lifestyle Design
How to use peptides for weight loss, libido, appetite control, mood, wrinkles and even beautiful skin.

POSTPONED Due to COVID-19, New Date TBD | Improve Your Health Span: The Powerful Story Hidden in Your Bloodwork

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This course is currently postponed due to COVID-19. New Date TBD. 

This course is broken down into 6 different modules.

This interactive workshop, Improve Your Health Span: The Powerful Story Hidden in Your Bloodwork, is designed to empower and educate the non-medical professional by teaching the actual science behind their bloodwork.

Upon course completion you will be able to analyze your labs, discuss them with your provider, become your own health advocate, and take the actions necessary to navigate your journey to optimal health.


Module 1. Intro 

Review of Syllabus and Goals

Overview of optimal vs. abnormal labs.  

Module 2. Looking for Health, Not Disease

What is a CBC? 

Type of white blood cells and why size is important.  

How to use CBC to influence and determine if your body is in a diseased state.  

Is your body inflamed without obvious signs?

Module 3. – Complete CMP & Electrolyte Balance  

What is a metabolic panel?  

Review electrolytes and their importance.  

Understand calcium & why too much isn’t good.  

Is sodium in your blood good or bad?  

How does potassium dictate muscle & cardiac health?

Module 4 – CMP Part 2:  Detox & Filtration  

Kidney and Liver function, and what are ideal levels?  

Why is this critical to your health  well being, AND how to fix it.

Module 5 – Vitamins D & B12 

Importance to your brain, muscle, gut, heart health.  

What are optimal levels for pain and recovery from surgery.  

Deficiencies are the #1 cause to low back pain.  

Module 6 – Putting It All Together 

Using the info going forward to create your plan.

How to use this knowledge with your physician.  

Final health hacks.

Next Steps.