Longevity Toolbox of Tomorrow

Proven, Research-Based Peptide Therapy Treatments Your Doctor Won’t Learn For Years

This online course is a video series of recorded talks presented by:

Co-Founder & Medical Director, Boulder Longevity Institute

Dr. Yurth covers the latest research and protocols in the exciting new world of peptide therapies in a way that provides value to those that are brand new to peptides as well as those already engaged in these amazing treatments.

4-part lecture series.  Each learning video is 40-60 min:

Lecture 1 : How To Heal Like A 20 Year Old…After 40
Innovative Peptide Treatments For Age-Defying Healing & Recovery

Lecture 2 : Attaining Top Performance At Any Age
How To Use Peptides For Superhuman Performance Gains

Lecture 3 : Building Your Sharp, Durable Brain
How To Use Peptides for Cognitive Protection & Recovery

Bonus Lecture : New Tools In Lifestyle Design
How to use peptides for weight loss, libido, appetite control, mood, wrinkles and even beautiful skin.