Treating Joint & Pack Bain: Beyond the Dark Ages

The latest science on what’s causing your joint & back pain and how to treat it - not simply patch, replace, or fuse it.

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We need to fundamentally shift the way we think about treating joint & back pain.

  • Is joint & back pain actually a normal part of getting older?
  • Why do we believe our joints hurting is an unavoidable result of "wear & tear?"
  • Is arthritis an inevitable outcome of aging?
  • Can I reverse the degeneration happening in my joints?
The answer is that arthritis and joint pain is a disease that we can address – and even reverse – when we look at the root cause.
Did you know…

The technology used for hip and knee replacements looks virtually identical to that used 30 years ago.

Scoping a knee has become a largely obsolete practice in Europe due to its minimal, and sometimes harmful, effect in treatment of osteoarthritic knee pain.

Just like your brain doesn’t wear out from thinking too hard, your joints don’t wear out from continued use – arthritis is a degenerative disease state!

We need to change the paradigm of orthopedic care and medicine.

In this QuickCourse, you’ll learn why our approach to joint & back pain is largely stuck in the Dark Ages and how to actually treat (not simply patch, replace, or fuse) your joints.

With her combined expertise in orthopedics and regenerative medicine, Dr. Yurth shares regenerative and cellular treatment options aimed at helping to address the root cause of your pain and how to not only alleviate issues, but actually regenerate and heal. 

She will help you understand what is happening at the cellular level that is actually causing joint pain and walk you through step by step the options available to treat your pain and get back to doing the things you love to do!

  • Module 1: Joints 101
  • Module 2: What Goes Wrong With Your Joints?
  • Module 3: What Should You Do To Treat & Maintain Healthy Joints?

Treating Joint & Back Pain: Beyond the Dark Ages QuickCourse

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