There can be an overwhelming dread when you realize you have run out of your prescription unexpectedly. Whether it be a hormone, peptides, or drugs like pentosan polysulfate sodium, you likely do not need to be worried. 

The majority of hormones, peptides, and drug treatments offer a build up effect in our system. This allows their impact to remain even without taking the prescription for a short time.

Additionally, the ideal benefit of these treatments is some semblance of a systemic improvement. Thus, the improved cellular function can tolerate short durations of change.

Ideally, keep an eye on your supplies. If a weekend or vacation is approaching, take stock of how much you have remaining and what you might need. 

In the event you do run out, remain calm. Your body will handle the downtime by using built-up impacts, improved cellular function, and may even benefit from a short break from treatments. Have your prescription refilled or addressed as soon as possible and rest easy knowing you will be okay.

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