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The Human Optimization Academy bridges the gap between information overwhelm and inadequate scientific explanations.

It’s an online educational site full of videos, worksheets, articles, and other training resources formatted for simplicity but with enough depth that you’ll walk away feeling empowered to optimize  your health, performance, recovery, and overall quality of life.

As a member, you’ll be provided with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to move from passenger to pilot in your health journey.

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Proven Research

The strategies you will learn are backed by research and explained by experts working with patients on a daily basis in Boulder Longevity Institute's medical clinic. We'll show you the latest findings and their relevance in the areas of longevity, orthopedics, regenerative therapies, and cellular medicine.

Expert Guidance

Learn from Dr. Yurth's 30+ years practicing orthopedic medicine specializing in sports, spine and regenerative medicine, and her 15+ years of clinical experience in longevity and healthy aging. Dr. Yurth teaches in a straight-forward, easy to understand way, giving you the insider's track so you can confidently take control of your health.

Instant Access

We've got you covered with information ranging from basic foundational health to more technical topics and discussions for biohackers and healthcare professionals. You decide how deep you want to dive into a topic with our courses and content library full of tips, articles, videos, lectures, LIVE Q&A with our experts, and more.

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